Cheap Recreation And Sports Materials You Can Buy From A Military Surplus Store

If you are thinking about trying a new recreational outdoor activity or sport, but you do not want to spend a lot of money, you can buy what you need from a military surplus store. Since the multiple branches of the military are involved in different types of outdoor training activities, you can find several pieces of equipment for numerous sports. The following is just a short list of what you can buy inexpensively from military surplus.

Canoes, Kayaks, Rafts and Accessories

The Navy, the Coast Guard and the Marines all utilize watercraft for training. This means that if you want to try kayaking, canoeing, whitewater rafting, etc., you can walk into a military surplus seller and buy any of these watercrafts for less than what it would cost from a sporting goods store. Additionally, accessories such as paddles, life vests and waterproof supply bags can be purchased at the same location with your chosen watercraft.

Wet Suits and Diving Equipment

Wet suits can be very expensive if you purchase them anywhere else but at a military surplus retailer. When you decide you want to take up or try scuba diving, snorkeling or deep sea diving, you can buy your wet suits and your tanks, filled with air and checked for leaks, from the surplus store. You can feel very reassured about the equipment you buy from surplus stores because it has all been checked and cleared by the military for use by soldiers. Therefore, the excess diving equipment they sell in these stores not only passes inspection for military use, but also for use by civilian divers.

 Paintball and Military Reconnaissance Equipment

Paintball is a fun game that the military sometimes uses to train its soldiers on how to perform reconnaissance missions. "Capture the flag" is one such paintball game. If you want to try paintball, it could cost you anywhere from $50 on up for the gun, the hopper, the container of paintballs and the face shield. It can be a very expensive recreational sport, but if you buy your equipment and supplies from a surplus store, you can really cut back your start-up costs as well as your recurring costs (e.g., CO2 containers for the gun and canisters of paint balls).

Archery and Target Sports

Obviously, the military trains soldiers on how to shoot. In some cases, that may be shooting with a bow and a quiver of arrows, while the rest of the time soldiers learn how to shoot various guns. Target practice is essential, and if you want your own practice target, you can buy that along with your bow and arrows or gun from the surplus store. Otherwise, some military surplus stores also have a target range you can use for practice shooting.

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