Going On An RV Trip And Want To Visit Breweries? How To Make It Work

Drinking and driving is not a good combination, but this does not mean you have to go without drinking whenever you travel in an RV. Stopping by liquor stores and picking up beer or liquor is not the same as visiting local breweries and getting a taste for what each one has to offer. With over 4,000 breweries in the country, you should have no shortage of places to visit when traveling from one city to the next.

Park Your RV Early and Get Started

The key to enjoying your visit to breweries is getting started early on in the day. Without a regular car to drive around town, you will want to find a parking place close to your primary destination. Although it depends on the city rules, you should have no problem parking in residential areas. The main concern revolves around needing to move the vehicle after three days, but for a day-trip, this is not an issue.

Go On Tours in the Morning

It is only natural for crowds to be lower early in the morning, especially on weekdays. Also, starting early will give you plenty of time to sober up by the time you are ready to head back to the RV. If you pay for tours, be prepared to start creating a collection of souvenir glasses as they are given out regularly.

Bike, Walk, Ridesharing, or Public Transportation

The best modes of transportation are ones that do not involve driving on your own. If you have bikes in your RV, you can take them out as soon as you arrive at your destination and use them for the day. Another option is to walk, but this comes down to whether you have lots of nearby activities to enjoy. Buses, subways, streetcars, and rail transit are your best options for public transportation, but you should do some research beforehand to determine whether a daily pass is worthwhile.

One of the best and newest options is ridesharing. Instead of getting a taxi, you can use an app on your smartphone to request a pickup, in which a driver will accept your request and drive to your destination. It is good to know the etiquette to make sure you and your driver have a positive experience.

Traveling the country in an RV allows you to feel at home, but while still being on the road. If visiting breweries is a top priority, you can follow these tips to make it work in any town, city, or metropolis. For more information, contact companies like Pettibone Resort On The River.