Buying A Golf Cart? Think About Adding These Accessories, Too

If you're an avid golfer who has chosen to live adjacent to a golf course at which you're a member, you'll likely find yourself fitting in as many rounds as possible throughout the golfing season. Given your dedication to the sport, it's worthwhile to think about buying a golf cart instead of renting one each time you schedule a tee time. This can be a smart financial investment and also allow you to buy the exact cart to suit your demands. In addition to buying the right cart, you can also purchase a variety of accessories that will augment your time on the links. Here are some accessories to consider buying.


A global positioning system designed for golf is arguably the best accessory you can add to your golf cart if you're eager to improve your game. These systems offer a wide range of features, but are designed to give you an overhead view of the course and provide you with accurate data about your position. For example, instead of trying to estimate how far you are from the hole by observing the yardage markers ahead and behind you, you'll have an accurate reading by glancing at the screen on the GPS. This will help you select the right club, which should enhance your ability to score well.

Shade Canopy

While the roof of your golf cart will provide you some protection from the elements, the addition of a shade canopy is always welcome. This material accessory mounts to the rear of the golf cart and stretches up to the roof, as well as provides some coverage on the sides of the cart. In addition to providing relief from the sun when it's behind or beside you, a shade canopy will also provide protection from blowing rain and wind.

Overhead Storage

Purchase a roof-mounted storage container for your golf cart and you'll never have to fuss over the safety of your clubs again. It can be a concern to leave your golf bag and clubs in the rack at the rear of the golf cart, given that they're not secure in this position. When you rent a golf cart, you typically return your clubs to your vehicle's trunk when you go inside the clubhouse to eat or relax, but this won't work if you own your cart and drove it to the course. Instead, you can quickly open the overhead storage, load in your clubs and know that they're safe and sound.

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