Not Sure If You Should Hire A Fly Fishing Guide? Here Are Some Reasons To Reconsider

While it's probably true that you won't need to think about hiring a fly fishing guide if you'll be angling near your home, the same can't be said about when you're traveling to go fishing. Although you may have aspirations of roughing it through the woods and discovering your own fishing spot that yields plenty of fish, the reality is that fishing in new areas can be extremely challenging — even if you're done a lot of research ahead of time. Here are some important reasons to strongly consider hiring a local fishing guide for your next fly fishing excursion away from home.

The Guide Knows The Water Better Than You

The biggest reason for hiring a fly fishing guide is that he or she will know the water — and the areas around it — far better than you, even if you've done your research. The guide will be able to take you to ideal fishing spots where you'll hopefully be able to hook lots of fish in a short amount of time, as well as steer you away from spots that look promising but that aren't known for a high fish yield.

You'll Get Safety Tips About The Area

Even for people with fly fishing experience, it's useful to rely on a fishing guide for his or her safety knowledge about the area. Changing water conditions can spell disaster for fly fishermen and women, given that they're actually standing in the water. Although such issues are often signed in high-traffic areas, the same can't be said in more remote locations. Likewise, fishing spots in the deep wilderness could have other risks, such as bears. Your fly fishing guide will know about the wildlife in the area and can steer you away from particular areas in which bear sightings have recently occurred.

You'll Be Exposed To Different Equipment

For many people who enjoy fly fishing, buying rods, reels, lures and other accessories can be nearly as fun as fishing itself. Unless your budget is unlimited and you have every piece of fishing gear that you could ever want, you'll benefit from hiring a guide. As a professional, he or she will likely have a wide range of equipment that you haven't previously tried. While you shouldn't simply assume that your guide will loan you his or her gear, many guides are happy to share some of their items to help you have better results on your fishing trip.