Learn How To Properly Prepare For Your First Deer Hunt

If you are someone who has always been interested in hunting, but never taken the time to actually learn how to do it, it is important to be sure to properly prepare for your first hunt. There are many things that you can do to better your chances of actually killing a deer when you are hunting for it. The guide below walks you through the process of preparing for your first hunting expedition.

Find a Good Hunting Location

The first thing you need to do is to find a good place to hunt. You cannot go on any land you choose and hunt though. You need to get permission from the owners of the property where you plan to hunt. You may want to get written permission from them so that you can prove to a game warden that you have permission to hunt on that property, if you are stopped by him or her.

Determine Where the Deer Like to Congregate

Next, you need to determine where the deer are located frequently. Deer often can be found near streams and creeks, because they need to have a steady water source in order to survive. If you think that you may have found a good hunting location on the property, set up a trail camera to document the deer that pass through the area. You should check the camera every few weeks and move it if you do not see any activity on it.

Ensure the Deer Return Again and Again

Once you have found a prime hunting location, you need to be sure that the deer know that they can always find food at that location to ensure that they always come back to it again and again. You can plant clover or spread corn in the area to increase the chances of seeing deer when you come to hunt.

Set up a Deer Stand

Next, you need to set up a deer stand near the area. You want to be in a deer stand when you are hunting to lessen the chances of the deer smelling you when you are hunting them. A deer stand allows you to be up and off of the ground so that your scent does not blow directly to the deer that are on the ground.

Hunting takes a lot of preparation. Be sure to use a chainsaw to create a path to use to get to the deer stand, as well. This will make getting to your tree stand easier and make the overall hunting experience more enjoyable. If this all seems a bit overwhelming, you can always visit a hunting ranch where instructors will guide you through the process to make sure that everything is done properly.