Caring For Your Boat Cover

Having access to a boat can make enjoying water recreational activities a lot easier. In order to ensure that your boat remains in good working condition, you will need to keep it covered while it is not in use. Most boat covers are made from thick and durable marine canvas, but this material is not impervious to damage.

Here are three tips that you can use to help ensure you are providing the right type of care for your boat cover in the future.

1. Add padding where necessary before covering your boat.

Your boat could contain some sharp edges that pose a threat to the integrity of your boat cover. Since a boat cover is designed to be stretched taut over the surface of your boat, padding any sharp edges before you apply the cover could be beneficial in extending the life of your marine canvas cover.

Common elements to pad include your boat's windshield, the boat's trolling motor, and any depth finders or fishing pole holders present on deck. When these sharp items are padded, your cover is less likely to tear while your boat is being stored.

2. Use support poles to prevent pooling.

It's essential that you watch your boat cover closely to determine how water is draining from the surface of the cover. Sometimes a boat cover can develop peaks and valleys that allow water to begin pooling on the surface of the marine canvas.

As this water sits over time, it can begin to weaken the fabric. To prevent water from damaging the integrity of your cover, add some support poles where needed to eliminate any valleys where water can accumulate.

3. Clean your boat cover properly.

Many marine canvas boat covers are treated with a specialized coating that allows them to repel water. This coating can become compromised if you don't clean your boat cover properly.

Use a soft brush to carefully remove any dirt or debris from the surface of the cover, then rinse with warm water and a mild liquid dish soap (if needed). Avoid using harsh detergents that could weaken the waterproof coating on your marine canvas cover to ensure your boat has maximum protection at all times.

Learning to properly care for your boat cover will help you more effectively provide for the safety and protection of your boat when the vehicle is in storage. For more information, contact local professionals like Pacific Boat Tops & Upholstery Inc.