Skydiving Questions Beginners Often Need Answered

There are few experiences that can be more exhilarating than skydiving. However, skydiving can be a high-risk activity, and it is important for individuals to be as prepared as possible before they make the decision to pursue skydiving.

Do You Have To Be Licensed To Go Skydiving?

There is a common misunderstanding among some people that you can only go skydiving once you have been awarded a license to do so. While it is necessary to be licensed to legally perform solo jumps, it is possible for a person to go skydiving under the direction of in instructor without needing to be licensed. Furthermore, it is possible for individuals to opt for a tandem jump where they will be connected to the instructor. As a result, it is possible for anyone to get involved with skydiving regardless of their skill level.

Can You Take Pictures During Your Jump?

A key benefit of skydiving is the ability to get breathtaking views that would otherwise be unavailable to you. Not surprisingly, people will often want to take photographs during their jump. However, this is not possible for those that are beginners and lack the required licensing. This is a safety precaution as it can be possible for the camera to get stuck, which could impede your ability to deploy your parachute. Due to this rule, there are some skydiving providers that may not allow cameras to be taken on the plane. Luckily, this will not prevent you from being able to get photographs of your jump because many of these services will have a camera operator for the plane ride and during the jumps.

What Is Involved With Obtaining A Skydiving License?

For individuals that enjoy their first experience skydiving, pursuing a full license may seem like it is an attractive option. Unfortunately, these people may be discouraged due to the belief that they will have to undergo lengthy and inconvenient training. While it is true that some training will be required to earn this license, much of this training will be in the form of making live jumps, which can make your training process an enjoyable experience. The exact requirements that will need to be satisfied will vary based on the type of license that you are wanting to obtain as well as the rules of your local state. Skydiving professionals often offer training sessions, and they will be able to provide you with more information about pursuing your license.