Add These Racks To Increase Your RV's Storage Capabilities

Before you leave for a road trip with your RV, it's important to assess the vehicle's storage capabilities. If you're concerned that the RV's available storage may be lacking, it's in your best interest to enhance the storage through the addition of a variety of racks. Your local RV dealer, as well as countless online retailers, can provide you with several rack-style storage options to mount or have professionally mounted to the RV. This means that by the time you pull out of your driveway on the first day of your trip, you'll be carrying everything you want. Here are three specific racks that are useful to consider.

Rear Storage Rack

Rear storage racks are a popular addition for many RV owners. As its name indicates, this rack is mounted to the rear of the frame of your RV and extends out past the rear bumper. Rear storage racks are available in several sizes and can be large enough to accommodate a cooler, several bicycles, storage bins, or other items. With a series of bungee cords, you can secure any of these items to this rack. When you're not using the storage rack, it doesn't have to be in the way — some models fold up against the rear of the vehicle, while others slide underneath it.

Over-Hitch Storage Rack

If your RV is towed, rather than driven on its own, you can buy a rack that mounts over the vehicle's hitch. Similar to a rear storage rack, a rack over the hitch allows you to store items that are safe outside, such as storage bins. One idea is to invest in a steel-sided storage bin that can be permanently affixed to the storage rack and secured with a lock. This way, instead of having to mount whatever you wish to store and secure it with bungee cords, you'll have a permanent external storage option. This approach is somewhat similar to the storage bins mounted to the beds of pickup trucks.

Overhead Storage Rack

Another way to bolster your RV's storage is to buy an overhead rack that can be mounted into the ceiling of the vehicle. There are several racks of this type, including open-style racks and solid bins that are somewhat reminiscent of the overhead storage on airplanes. While larger overhead racks may get in the way if you're tall, positioning them in locations inside the vehicle in which you don't typically stand can avoid this problem.

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