Qualities To Look For In Holsters And Their Accessories

Finding a good set of holsters and accessories isn't hard if you know what you're looking for, but if you're new to carrying a weapon on a daily basis, finding something that's right for you can take a little longer. Even after undergoing training, there can be some excitement when choosing your accessories, so keep these qualities in mind to prevent that excitement from taking over and making you get less-than-optimal accessories.


As open-carry becomes more common in different states, more pictures pop up of people carrying guns like semiautomatic rifles slung over their shoulders as they go about their daily tasks, like visiting a store. Don't do this, please. Look for unobtrusive holsters that don't scream that you're carrying a weapon because really, if someone's going to cause trouble, they're going to try to take out the obvious targets -- like those who obviously have guns who could shoot the troublemakers -- first, before anything else. Be low key.


Your holster and all its parts should not catch your clothing or arms, or let any part of your clothing become entangled. If you're continually knocking the holster back -- even when it's empty -- when you move your arms for example, that's not safe. You need to be sure a hip holster doesn't catch on your leg if you squat down. You'll have to test each holster and all accessories put together; walk around your house while moving your arms, stretching, bending, all the normal movements you might have to make in a day to ensure the holster, etc., isn't going to interfere with anything.

Sturdiness and Quality Over Price

This should really go without saying, but cheaply made holsters and accessories can be tempting because of the low price, making people forget that sometimes these can be cheaply made, too. Holsters and accessories need to be sturdy. You don't want them breaking suddenly or even wearing out prematurely. It's annoying and embarrassing to try to remove your pistol only to end up breaking the holster because of cheap quality.

Testing is key, and you want to be able to exchange accessories that aren't working for you. Contact pistol supply dealers,  like DSGARMS, to see what they have available and what warranties they offer. Remember that what works for some doesn't work for everyone, so while recommendations from colleagues are always good, you'll have to eventually start testing these yourself.