Questions To Ask Before Renting A Kids' Gymnastics Facility For A Party

Birthday parties for kids are about more than just cake and presents. There should be fun activities, and if you live in a space where you can't handle several kids, renting another facility that provides activities can be a good alternative. Gymnastics facilities often have party rooms and programs available. However, you also want to be sure the kids will be safe and enjoy the activities. If you've never had an offsite birthday party for your child before, here are some questions to ask to ensure you find the right place.

Age-Appropriate Activities

Ask about age-appropriate activities. Good facilities will have a wide range of activities available for different age groups. For example, little kids might like stomping around in a shallow pit filled with balls, but they shouldn't be swinging into the pit via a rope. Physical activities like tumbling should be fun, but not done so much that they become tiring.

Options for Those Who Can't or Won't Participate

Sometimes children can't or won't participate in certain activities. Maybe a child hurt her leg before the party and can't jump for a while, or a child develops a sudden fear of one of the activities (it happens). Or, maybe it turns out that one of your child's friends uses a wheelchair. The site should at least allow you to bring games and other activities for those children; it's even better if the staff at the facility can dream up activities that these children can still enjoy, such as activities where the children would use their arms but not their legs. One of the staff might also be able to lead a storytelling session, too, for these kids.

Activities Before Food

Be sure the facility has the children do the activities before heading over to have food. That prevents the facility from getting messy, it lets the kids blow off steam first instead of eating and becoming lethargic, and it prevents children from feeling sick if they overate before trying an activity.

Food Provisions

As for food, find out who brings the food -- in most cases, you do -- and find out who provides paper goods like napkins. Many facilities provide paper goods, but you want to be sure you know who should bring what.

Gymnastics parties can be a lot of fun! Once you find the right facility, such as Brown's Gymnastics, your child is sure to become more and more enthusiastic as the date approaches.