Four Quick Ways To Update Your Pontoon Boat This Spring

The weather is warming up, and before you know it, you'll be out on the water in your pontoon boat again. If your boat is looking a bit bland and mundane, consider spending a little time updating it before you launch it this coming summer. Here are four quick updates you can make without investing a lot of time or emptying your wallet.

Reupholster the seats.

If your pontoon boat seats are starting to look stained or sun-bleached, you could have them replaced. But a more affordable alternative is to have them reupholstered. Most upholstery companies can perform this service, providing that you're able to remove the seats from your boat. If your seats are fixed in place, you may need to work with a boat-specific upholstery service. They can remove the old material and sew new material into place without getting rid of the frame that forms the seat.

Add some cup holders.

If your boat does not already have cup holders in the seating console, adding some will make your afternoons on the water so much more enjoyable. You won't have to balance your drink on your lap anymore. You can sometimes find cup holders that hook onto pontoon boat seats. If your seats are looking a bit worse for wear, you may want to consider just replacing one of them with a new seat that has cup holders built in. Place the cup-holder side of the seat towards the other seat so two people can share the holder while sitting on either side of it.

Install some lights.

Christmas lights strung around the border of your pontoon boat can make nighttime boating so much more fun. Invest in indoor-outdoor lights so you know they'll be safe in the water. You can sometimes find adapters to safely connect the lights to your boat's motor. Alternatively, you may need to buy a small (boat-safe) battery to power the lights. Attach them along the edge of the boat using zip ties or wire.

Cover the floor in vinyl.

If your floor is starting to look a little discolored, purchase a roll of thin vinyl flooring from your local home improvement store. Remove the seats and other items from your boat. Then, cut the flooring to the size of your pontoon boat's floor, and use floor adhesive to hold it in place. Make sure you choose an indoor-outdoor adhesive, as this will stand up to the outdoor moisture.