How to Know the Boat Engine Needs Maintenance or Repair

Did your boat stall on the water and have to get towed back to shore? If you have been unable to use the boat since the problem occurred, investing in a repair might not be as complicated as you think. There is likely something that is preventing the engine from running as it should. You will either need to get a new engine installed in the boat, or something that works with the engine is the root cause of the problem. Take a look at this article to learn about a few of the things that might be causing the engine to malfunction.

You Need to Put Fresh Fuel in the Boat

Fuel is one of the main things that the engine in your boat must have to function as it should. It is possible that you have been using the wrong kind of fuel in your boat. Check with the manufacturer o the boat to determine if a specific type of fuel is necessary.  If you are using the right kind of fuel, it is possible that it is contaminated with dirt or debris. You might need to get the fuel flushed out of the boat if it is contaminated. Fresh fuel can then be placed inside of the boat to see if it resolves the engine problem.

The Engine Stopped Working Due to Overheating

It is very important for the engine to remain cool when you are using the boat. An overheating engine can become worn out in an untimely manner, which might be why your boat stalled on the water. The worst thing about an overheating engine is that it can cause a fire to spark up in the boat. In order for the engine to stay cool, the water intake manifold must be functional. The intake manifold basically allows water from the ocean or lake to flow through the engine and keep it cool, so you might need to get it cleaned or replaced.

The Battery Might Not Be in Good Shape

There are some models of boats that have batteries in place for helping the engine run. If you own such a boat, it is possible that the battery is no longer functional. A boat service might be able to repair the battery if it is causing the engine problems. If there is an old battery in your boat, you might simply need to get a new one installed.