Obtain These Items To Set Up Your Scooter Skate Park

If you have a large, flat area on your property — for example, an old basketball court — and you're an avid scooter enthusiast, it's ideal to use this venue for making your own scooter skate park. Provided that the asphalt is smooth enough to roll on, this park can provide countless hours of fun and exercise for you and your friends who ride. Your parents may appreciate it, too, as you'll be closer to home instead of elsewhere in the city visiting another skate park. You'll need a handful of items to provide fun and challenges, so look for the following things throughout your city.

Concrete Curbs

Before you get any ideas about taking a concrete curb from a local parking lot, don't — you don't want to obtain anything for your scooter skate park illicitly. Instead, contact your local public works department and explain what you're looking for. The department may be able to give you (or perhaps sell you) a few old concrete curbs that are stacked behind one of the public works buildings and not being used for anything, thus giving you a perfect structure to hop over and grind on. In fact, the public works department may be keen to help you in this manner, as doing so will keep you from using your scooter in areas of the city that may result in complaints.

Picnic Table

You may not be able to get a picnic table donated, but the good news is that you can buy these items at many stores and outdoor garden centers. Or, if you know someone who is skilled with woodworking, he or she may be able to make one for you. You want to get a solid wood picnic table; one that is made of hollow plastic won't be strong enough to stand up to the rigors of you jumping onto it and riding off it.


No scooter skate park is complete without some manner of ramp. It's ideal if you can get a woodworker to build a ramp out of plywood and 2x4s, but you're not out of luck if this isn't possible. Instead, you can use small sheets of plywood with solid objects placed below them. For example, lay a sheet of plywood on an angle with a couple boards under it, and it will give you a basic ramp from which to start your runs on your scooter.

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