3 Tricks For Taking Care Of Your Lake Boat

If you purchased a new boat to take out on the local lake this summer, here are a few tricks for taking care of our lake boat. These are easy tricks that you can implement using basic supplies that will keep your boat looking great.

#1 Keep Your Boat Free Of Spots

If you use your boat in the morning, you may notice that it gets covered with dew in the morning. If you want your boat to be free of water spots, all you need to do is get out a microfiber cloth when you pull your boat out in the morning will remove the dew and allow your boat to shine when you take it out.

#2 Get Rid Of Old Wax

At the beginning of spring, you are going to want to apply new wax to your boat. However, before you put on a new coat of wax, you are going to want to remove the old wax that is on your boat.

To remove the old wax, you are going to want to use a dewaxing solvent. Using a dewaxing solvent is very similar to using a waxing solution. Put it on a microfiber cloth and rub the surface of your boat; the old wax will come off and onto the rag, so be prepared to go through a handful of rags to remove the old wax from your boat.

Removing the old wax before you put the new wax on your boat is the best way to ensure the new wax adheres and looks as great as possible. You should put a new coat of wax on your boat every spring in order to protect it and ensure that it looks its best.

#3 Kill Mold With Vinegar

Mold loves to grow on boats, because there is usually a good source of water as well as moisture and warmth inside of a boat. If you ever find mold on your boat, instead of trying to kill it with mold, use white vinegar instead. It does not smell as strongly as bleach, and it is a lot friendly on the environment as well. Just put some white vinegar in a spray bottle, and apply it to any location you find mold. You can also use white vinegar to clean the surface of your boat, and it will protect your boat from mold growth.

Use the three tricks above to keep your new boat looking great. For more information, talk to a professional like Boca Grande Flats Fishing.