Tips for Maximizing Your Play at Your Local Golf Course's Driving Range

Frequenting a golf course that offers a driving range can be ideal to help you improve your game. Visiting the driving range with a bucket of balls isn't just about pulling out your driver to "grip it and rip it." While it's always worthwhile to practice your long game, it's also a good idea to take a methodical approach to how you hit each ball. Doing so can help you get more out of the session, which can then translate into favorable results when you actually play a round.

Here are some tips to take with you to the driving range.

Visualize a Fairway

When you're using your driver and fairway woods, it's a good idea to visualize a fairway in front of you. The vastness of a driving range means that you can simply hit a ball and watch it fly, but the trajectory of the shot may cause your ball to land too far to the right or left.

Instead, pick two visual markers in front of you, such as a pair of yardage signs, and imagine that they represent the sides of the fairway. Then, take several shots with your driver and fairway woods and attempt to place the ball close to the middle of this area.

Use the Challenging Irons

You may find that you normally use a driver, fairway wood, and short iron in your effort to land on the green, and this may mean that some of your irons are challenging to use. Being able to confidently reach for any of your irons can dramatically improve your score, so use the time at the driving range to practice hitting the irons—and especially those that you're reluctant to use during a round of play. Getting a feel for these clubs on the range will help you to know the distance of each one and make you feel more comfortable using it while you're playing a round.

Aim for Specific Markers

It's also worthwhile to use some of your short irons to practice your accuracy. Players who can hit these clubs with accuracy can take strokes off their score. Pick a specific marker on the range, such as a yardage flag or sign, and attempt to land as many balls as you can within a short distance. You'll be imagining that this marker is the green, and the goal is to land your balls within putting range.

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