3 Reasons To Take A Bike Tour In Your Hometown

Biking is excellent exercise that gets you outdoors and allows you to challenge your muscles and heart rate. Every time you hop on your bike you burn calories and give yourself the opportunity to explore new things. If your primary biking is trail riding, then you may want to try something new every now and then. Here are reasons why you should give a bike tour a try.

Bike tours

A bike tour is a unique way to learn more about where you live while meeting new people at the same time. You also get to burn calories and get a great workout. These tours typically take you through the heart of your area with a friendly and knowledgeable guide who will point out landmarks, historical venues, and areas of entertainment along the way. You will not only get a great bike ride, you may learn more about your town and discover new friends to ride with.

Challenging ride

Few things make a workout more challenging than having other people by your side pushing themselves as hard as you are. Bike tours often come in a variety of speeds and lengths to meet the needs of the enthusiasts taking them. Pick a riding buddy and choose the most experienced bike tour you can find and get ready to push yourself to new limits while exploring your town at the same time.

New route

If you're not used to riding in town or near traffic, a bike tour is a great place to start. Your tour guide will take you through twists and turns, safe streets, and side trails that you can take later on your own. A new route is a great way to motivate yourself when you are riding on your own and is a nice break from the trail riding you have become so familiar with. As a bonus, bike tours often cover a variety of terrains so you can challenge your muscle groups as you transition from asphalt to dirt trails.

Find out if you have bike tours in your area by contacting your local city hall or information center and check out companies like NJ Bike Tours. If you live near a larger town or city you can explore their bike tours as well. Many bike tours cover at least a few miles so you can get a workout while meeting new people to talk to. Consider joining a bike tour a few times a month so you can switch your routine up a bit.