What You Should Know About Custom Ribbons

Ribbons and Special Events 

Customized ribbons can be excellent additions to planned competition events. With any of these activities, you can go with simple first, second, and third place ribbons, and/or come up with creative titles for different kinds of winners. People like to have mementos to remind them of accomplishments, and ribbons can be great for that. There are a number of different events where one might hand out award ribbons. 

  • Sports events. At any kind of sports activity, you can present the winners with award ribbons. Examples include children's baseball, soft-ball, basketball, and football games; along with bike races, marathons, or fencing competitions.
  • School competitions. Children may be pleased to receive ribbons after succeeding at competitive events. Examples are spelling bees, science fairs, and writing contests. 
  • Employee awards. If you are a manager or employer, you can give your employees ribbons for special accomplishments, such as employee of the month or employee of the year. There can also be more specific awards like "best customer service representative," "friendliest cashier," or thank-you awards for extra hard work such as unscheduled call-ins or working during extreme weather.
  • Fairs and festivals. If you are running a game or event at a local fair or festival, you usually award prizes. Ribbons can be a nice addition to a prize.
  • Participation. You can thank and congratulate people for participating in certain events by giving them ribbon badges. Examples include awards at conventions or participation in activist programs such as fundraisers, marches, or lobbying at the local city capital.

Ribbon Customization  

Customized ribbons can be purchased online or at some specialty craft stores. They are often less than a dollar each. You can customize the ribbons in several ways. 

  • Design: the texture, shape, and cut of the ribbon are some things you can choose. Some ribbons are stiff and others are more soft and silky. They may have a fancy knot at one end, or they may be made to look like badges. The hanging end can be smooth or have a serrated cut.
  • Color: a big part of choosing ribbons is specifying the color. There is usually a pretty good selection of colors, shades, and hues.
  • Letters: if your ribbon contains any lettering, there is room for customization there too. You may be able to choose the font of the letters. You may be able to specify their color, and whether they will have special features like metallic sheen. Naturally, you can also choose what words you want to use. 

With all of these options, creating custom ribbons can be a lot of fun.