5 Tips for Staying Fit Through the Winter

The warm days of summer and fall come to a close, and thanks to all the time you spent enjoying the outdoors, you are feeling pretty fit. Unfortunately, along with the colder temperatures usually comes the tendency to get a little lazier about fitness routines. From the bitter cold to the lack of sunlight, it is easy to forget your fitness goals and put things off until spring. However, staying fit through the winter does not have to come as a big challenge like you may think. In fact, bringing in a winter fitness coach will open up all kinds of new ideas for helping you maintain your physique in spite of the cold. 

1. Consider joining an indoor class at the gym. 

Indoor cycling, yoga and pilates, and jazzercise classes are all good examples of classes you can likely find hosted by your local fitness center. These fitness programs take place indoors no matter the season, and the onset of winter is the perfect time to join one. 

2. Grab a workout buddy. 

The sunny weather and nice temperatures can be enough to lure you outdoors to do workouts in the summer, but when winter sets in, you may need a little more inspiration. If you plan to take walks a few times a week or go for a regular run, grab yourself a workout buddy so you can hold one another accountable. Plus, having someone going through the bitter cold with you while you work out can make it less intimidating. 

3. See if fitness coaches offer indoor winter training in your area. 

Indoor winter training is great when you can't get outside and get moving all that often. Bring in a winter fitness coach who offers training at a local gym. Even better, if you are planning to stay indoors as much as possible, see if they offer private in-home training. 

4. Stick to your diet plans in spite of the holidays. 

There are some pretty savory things that can show up through the winter around the holidays. It's okay to indulge yourself and have a few days off, but get right back to your usual diet plan rather quickly so you don't end up adding extra calories to your daily intake. 

5. Mind your water intake. 

In the heat of summer, it is easy to gulp down H2O because you're hot and thirsty, but in the winter, you may find cravings for water subsiding. Make sure you are still mindful of how much water you take in because it is an important part of staying healthy.