Tips For Sharing Your Cannabis Use On Social Media

The legality of recreational cannabis in several states has led to an interesting time for people who enjoy buying this substance from their local dispensary and enjoy consuming it. Given its legal status, you might feel compelled to share your cannabis use on social media, but there can be challenges to doing so. Regardless of its legality, there can be issues with having a current or future employer search for one of your social media accounts and see cannabis-related images. One potential scenario is that an employer may choose not to promote you because he or she doesn't approve of cannabis usage — even if you're not using it in any way that affects your job. Here are some tips for sharing your cannabis use on social media.

Give Your Account A Private Status

Setting your account status to "private" is something that may be in your best interest when you're sharing cannabis-related content online. This way, you can feel free to post images and videos of you enjoying cannabis products, but without having to worry about a current or future employer locating these images and perhaps treating you differently — even if doing so is technically discrimination. Remember, you'll get requests for people who want to follow you once you set your account to a private status, so you should be discerning about who you allow to view your material.

Consider Your Location

You may live in a state in which recreational cannabis is legal, but you should evaluate how frequently you visit an adjacent state in which this substance isn't yet legal. For example, if you're applying for jobs across state lines, and are a recreational cannabis user at home, your prospective employer could find your account, view your content, and decide not to hire you based on the mindset that cannabis is illegal in the state in which the employer lives. If you're facing the prospect of looking for a job in a different state, minimizing your cannabis content on social media is likely a good idea.

Use An Anonymous Account

Plenty of social media users don't identify themselves by name. For example, with platforms such as Instagram and Twitter, you can create a username that allows you to be anonymous. Provided that you don't post pictures and images of your cannabis usage, you can feel free to share your cannabis-related material as much as you'd like without worrying about the wrong person accessing it and treating you differently.

For more information about cannabis, reach out to a local recreational dispensary.