How To Use A Tilt Bed Car Trailer

If you plan to move farm equipment or cars on a regular basis, you should invest in a tilt-bed car trailer. Tilt trailers have a simple yet effective design; they don't require any special training for safe operation. Here are five tips for using this type of trailer if you've never owned one before.

1. Ensure the trailer is correctly attached to your vehicle.

The first step to successfully moving a car using a tilt-bed car trailer is attaching it to your vehicle. Make sure the attachment is secure and that the tilt car trailer is not following your vehicle too closely. Leave some buffer room in case you need to make a sudden stop while driving.

2. Clear the area surrounding your tilt car trailer.

Tilt-bed car trailers are made of heavy-duty material in order to support the weight of cars and trucks. This trailer's bed can cause injury if it lands on a person or an animal. Before lowering the trailer bed, visually inspect the area. Make sure there are no creatures or items that will impede the trailer's descent. Ensure that all personnel are standing clear of the trailer and keep fingers and feet away from moving parts.

3. Use your body weight to lower the trailer.

Tilt-bed car trailers are highly responsive to changes in balance. In order to lower it so you can drive a vehicle onto the bed, you can simply stand on the trailer and place your weight on the outer edge. The trailer's bed will then make a controlled descent to the ground until it's perfectly sloped so you can drive a car or tractor onto it.

4. Center the car on the trailer.

Once the trailer bed is lowered, you or a friend can drive the car onto it. Do your best to center the car on the trailer platform, since this will evenly distribute the weight. Aim for the middle of the trailer, leaving sufficient room around all the wheels. This will prevent your car from accidentally slipping off in transit.

5. Lock the release mechanism.

Once you have the car in place, you will want the trailer bed to stay parallel to the ground until you're ready to drive the car back off it. You can prevent the tilt bed from unintended tilting by locking the release mechanism. Once the release mechanism is locked, shifts in weight will not cause the tilt bed to move.

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