Storing Ammunition To Ensure It Will Still Be Good When You Need It

If you purchase 9mm ammunition in bulk, you need to find a way to store it to ensure it is still good when you are ready to use it. Most modern 9mm ammunition will last several years in the original box, but there are some things you can do to extend the shelf life of the ammo you are purchasing.

Dry Storage

Any 9mm ammo you purchase must stay dry to ensure that the brass does not corrode, or the powder in the casing and primer works correctly. Storing ammo on a shelf in your home is fine, but if you plan to keep it in large quantities, it is a good idea to put the ammo into airtight storage. 

Something as simple as resealable storage or freezer bags will work, and you can store several boxes in one bag, then stack them up on the shelf after they are in the bag. Slide the boxes in side by side and then push the air out and seal the bag. This will give you a flat package to put on the shelf, and you can add to the stack as you add more ammunition. 

Most freezer bags also have a place on the front for labeling the bag with the contents. You can use that spot to label the bag with the date that you put it into the bag, the type of ammo, and any other information you may want easily accessible. Rotating your 9mm ammo to ensure the oldest stock is on the top is a good idea, and labeling the bags makes it easier to have an organized system in place that ensures you use the oldest ammo first.

Temperature And Humidity

Modern 9mm ammunition is very stable, and the temperature does not have much effect on ammunition until it gets over about a hundred and fifty degrees. Once the ammo gets that hot, the gun powder in the casing and the primer can begin to degrade, causing a noticeable loss in performance. 

This does not mean that a box of 9mm ammo left in your car on a summer day will immediately be damaged, but you must find a place to store the ammunition that is cool and dry to extend its life. If the box remains there all summer, you may get misfires or poor performance from it when you try and use it later.

Humidity can be a problem in some areas, so storing your ammo in a closet or area of your home that is climate controlled is your best option. You may want to consider adding a dehumidifier to the storage closet to ensure that area of the home remains free of moisture and your ammo stays dry. When stored correctly, you can expect to get a shelf life of roughly ten years from a box of 9mm ammunition with no degradation or performance loss.

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