Had a Baby and Have an Inground Pool? Make Sure They Get Swimming Lessons

If you had a baby and you have an inground pool in your yard, you need to ensure your child gets swimming lessons. You do not want them to accidentally fall into the pool and not be able to swim. Below is information on what age swimming lessons should start and how this works.

Swimming Lessons for a Baby

Of course, babies should not get swimming lessons on their own as they are not able to hold their heads up on their own or make proper arm strokes. There are aquatic swimming programs available, however. This allows you and your baby to enjoy being in the water together.

During the class, you and your baby will play in the water as much as you can. Simply holding your baby while in the water may be enough. Continue the aquatic swimming lessons until your child gets old enough to take actual lessons, which may be around two or over.

Swimming Lessons for a Toddler

When your child becomes a toddler, they can start swimming lessons. They will not have the ability to do difficult swim strokes, but they will be taught how to swim enough to save themselves. Kids this age should never be left alone while swimming no matter how many lessons they have.

At this age, both you and your toddler will likely be included in the lessons. Your child is taught water safety habits, and you may not know all the habits yourself that you should follow. These classes are important as they will help your child get ready for lessons when they become older.

Swimming Lessons for Children

Once your child gets past the toddler stage it is time to move them up in their swimming lessons to the next level. At this level, your child will be able to kick their feet and move their arms correctly while swimming. Once they reach this level, the instructor may ask you to stay with your child in the beginning. The instructor may also suggest that you leave at a certain point. 

Find a program that will allow your child to move up in skill level. Separating classes into different levels is more beneficial as this gives the instructor time to focus on the children at their skill level.

Visit a few swimming lesson programs in your area (for instance, Aqua School) to find one that you feel comfortable with.