Gymnastics – Getting Your Kids Started With Something They Love

Lots of kids, both boys, and girls, love to watch gymnasts tumbling across the spring mats. Seeing all of the flips and twists can spark a love for the sport that can stick for the rest of their lives. Here, you'll find a few suggestions to help get your kid involved with a sport that can help them in any other sport they may ever become interested in — gymnastics.

Find a Gymnastics Gym 

There are all sorts of gymnastics gyms to choose from. Some offer floor-only tumbling, while others offer more advanced equipment, like parallel bars.

Some gyms offer party services for kids of all ages. These gyms typically have obstacle courses and other activities that give the kids a taste of gymnastics without having to have any prior experience or training. For some kids, all it takes is stepping on that mat for the first time to find something that they are excited about.

Schedule a tour with the gym that you're considering. A coach will talk you through each level of training, what you can expect during the season, and of course, the cost of the classes. Some gyms may even invite you to watch classes from a gallery.

Start Training at Home

Of course, you do not want to begin training advanced tricks at home, but your kid can begin strengthening the body and developing the flexibility that will be needed for all of those flips. Basic exercises to begin at home include:

  • Sit-ups
  • Push-ups
  • Planks
  • Stretches – begin working on splits, but only after fully stretching
  • Handstands against a wall
  • Tuck jumps – jumping as high as possible while tucking the knees to the chest

All of these exercises will help improve the flexibility, stamina, and strength that will be needed to do those back flips, aerials, and walkovers. Working slowly at home will make the transition into a class easier as they will already have the core strength to improve on technique.

Note: Improper technique is very difficult to un-teach. Stick to the stretches and exercises that are basic to avoid injury and improper body form.

This can be something that you and your kids fall in love with. What's better yet, you won't find yourself sitting in the cold rain on a Saturday morning at the soccer field — instead, you'll be nice and warm watching as your child develops new skills, makes new friends, and builds self-confidence.

Find a sports gym near you to learn more about gymnastics classes.