4 Items Every Horse Shelter Should Have

Are you bringing a horse home to your land in the coming weeks? If so, you've likely started taking steps to prepare for the animal, which includes having a shelter built or installed on the land. Once you have the shelter, a must-have item to keep horses protected from the elements, purchasing a few essentials that will quickly become your horse shelter staples is crucial. Not sure what you need for your horse? Check out this list of the top four items to add to your horse shelter! 

Horse Bedding

You want to make sure your horse feels comfortable when it's in the shelter. While the animal may spend many hours each day roaming around and exploring the land, there will also be moments when the horse needs to rest and relax, so be sure to buy high-quality horse bedding. You can use many types of materials to provide your horse with bedding, such as wood shavings, sawdust, and even straw.

Grains and Hay

Start stocking up on grains and hay, which are safe for your horse to consume. You can keep a large container full of these items stored in your horse shelter so that you'd have quick and easy access to them when you want to give the grains and hay to your horse.

Grooming Kit

A grooming kit is another horse shelter essential. Grooming your horse on a routine basis is the perfect way to keep the animal looking and feeling its very best. Your kit should include a body brush, comb, hoof pick, and other simple items that will make it that much easier for you to take the best care of your new pet. 

Saddle Rack

If you plan on riding your horse, it helps to have a rack inside the shelter with enough space to hang your saddle when it's not in use. When you have the saddle inside the shelter, it's much easier to prop it onto your horse and get the animal ready to go out for a ride.

Get Ready to Bring Your Horse Home

Now that you're going to become a proud horse owner, it helps to have a spacious shelter on your land, along with some essential equipment. Not only does it help to have bedding that will keep your horse warm and comfortable each day, but it's also good to have other items, such as grain, hay, grooming tools, and a saddle rack. With these essentials, you'll have nearly everything you need to care for your horse and take it out on rides.

Contact a local farming shop to learn more about horse shelter supplies