Saving Money When Buying Ammo For Your Firearms

Firearm ammo is expensive, and the prices continue to rise on some calibers that are common for handguns and self-defense. Saving some money when buying the ammunition you need can be challenging, but there are some things you can do to try and reduce the cost of ammo you need to have on hand. 

Bulk Ammunition

Sometimes the best way to reduce the cost of the ammunition you need is to buy it in bulk lots directly from a firearm dealer or the manufacturer. The amount you can buy in a single lot may be restricted by the state you live in, so you need to check your local laws before buying large amounts of ammunition at one time. 

If you are an FFL (federal firearms license) holder, you will have access to larger lots with less restriction because you may be buying it to resell or for a business. However, a bulk purchase can come with other issues because once you buy the ammo, you need to store it safely to ensure that it stays good and is ready to use when necessary. 

Storing the ammunition in a cool, dry place is ideal, but that can be harder if you have a lot of it. The cost per box may be significantly lower when buying in bulk, but you need the resources to store it safely and keep the ammo secure after you buy it. 

Buying On Sale

You can wait until the ammunition you need goes on sale and then purchase what you need from your local firearms dealer or gun shop, but keep in mind, if the sale offers a low price on ammo that is hard to find, you may need to get there early to ensure you don't miss out. 

A low price on 9mm ammo can clear the shelves quickly because that caliber is becoming harder to find in recent years. Name-brand ammo also sells out faster because people truck it, so if you hear of a sale coming soon or have the inside track with the local gun shop, plan your purchase to ensure you get what you need. 

Some shops will limit the amount of ammo you can purchase during a sale to try and ensure people have a fair chance to get what they need, so you may need to find several sources for the ammunition you need if you are looking to purchase more than a couple boxes at a time. You may be better off researching lesser-known brands to find inexpensive and dependable ammo that is more readily available. However, take the time to check reviews of the ammunition to ensure you are getting good ammo for your firearms.