4 Ways to Create Backyard Zombie Role-playing Games for Children

Movies, television shows, and literature have all jumped on the zombie bandwagon. The whole genre is great for horror fans and also create a fun way for children to role-play and play with friends. If your child loves zombies, then you can create a fun backyard experience for them to play a variety of zombie games. Whether they are playing alone or with friends, enhancing these experiences can create hours of fun in the backyard.

How To Construct And Use A Stream Seine To Catch Crayfish For Use As Fish Bait

Most experienced anglers know that live bait is a premier choice for fishing lots of species, and one of the best all-around bait choices is crayfish. In fact, when it comes to fishing for smallmouth bass, there is probably no equal to using crayfish; however, this versatile crustacean is also suitable for catfish, pike, walleye and even panfish. Crayfish live all over the United States, so they are readily available no matter where you live, and they are also easy to catch.